MONIN Milk Chocolate sauce


The creamy, sweet counterpart to its dark cousin, milk chocolate is the basis of many popular candy bars and puddings. Adding milk gives a smoother, creamier taste and texture with less bite, for more sensitive palates. Loved by children, milk chocolate is the classic sweet treat for everyone.
Meltingly soft, MONIN Milk Chocolate sauce is the incarnation of tenderness. Perfectly creamy and indulgent, it will make the finest gourmet toppings, dips or hot chocolates. Create nostalgic ice cream sundaes dripping with chocolate heaven.



Tasting notes

Nose : Milky chocolate

Attack : Sweet and soft chocolate, concentrated milk

Length in mouth : Nutty chocolate

Beverage Innovation Director Tips

"MONIN Milk Chocolate sauce is the perfect choice for all your applications where you want a sweet and rich chocolate profile. I like it in the classic mochas and milkshake as well as a topping for ice cream and desserts. You can also use it in combination with other MONIN sauces for multicolored latte arts."


Hot chocolates