MONIN Lemon Rantcho


Lemon is primarily famous for its refreshing scent and tart flavour similar to limes. Its true origin is unknown, though some have linked it to India. Lemon juice is very high in vitamin C and has many culinary uses. MONIN Lemon Rantcho is a sugar free concentrate, without pulp made with 50% juice from the finest Sicily lemons. It is praised by barmen who use for its true taste and as a replacement for lemon juice.


Cloudy yellow.

Tasting notes

Nose: Balance nose of fresh lemon and lime

Attack: Sour, freshly squeezed lime juice

Length in Mouth: Refreshing

Tips from our Beverage Innovation Directors

MONIN Lemon Rantcho allows you to create infinite applications, from a classic daiquiri to a fruity planter's punch; it can even be used in culinary applications. Try combining it with MONIN Lime syrup and Triple Sec Curaçao liqueur with a generous measure of premium vodka. You will obtain a delicious citrus martini.