MONIN Ginger syrup


For generations ginger has put the fire into Asian food but has long since been adopted by all cultures for use in many culinary applications and for its health benefits.

Today, it has become the darling ingredient in speciality food and drinks. MONIN Ginger syrup embodies the wonderful warming combination of fragrant sweetness and biting spice.

Aromatic, pungent and spicy, it imparts a distinctive, exotic taste and turns up the heat in your cocktails, lemonades, chocolates, teas and fruity sodas.


Slightly couldy

Tasting notes

Nose : Freshly cut ginger root

Attack : Citrus

Length in mouth : Spicy ginger

Beverage Innovation Director tips

MONIN Ginger brings bold, spicy flavour to you cocktails and mocktails. Its simultaneously fiery yet palate cleansing flavour are instantly recognizable in any application. Try it in a hot chocolate, for the perfect combination of comforting sweetness and reminiscent exoticism.


Hot chocolates