MONIN Gin Flavour syrup


Gin is an 'eau-de-vie' made from juniper berries. The name 'Gin' derives from either the French 'genièvre' or the Dutch 'jenever' which both mean "juniper". Gin was invented by a Dutch physician and brought to England by the English troops during the 80-years war in the 17th Century. It became part of the English culture, being for some time even more popular than beer!

Gin is used in many cocktails, in which it brings some floral, spicy and citrus touches.
From this legendary spirit, MONIN developed a surprising syrup, bringing you delicate botanical flavours, along with juniper berries, light coriander and even citrus oil aromas.
Thanks to MONIN Gin Flavour syrup you will be able to create a non-alcoholic version of any of the classic cocktails made by the greatest bartenders of the 30's such as the Gimlet, Gin and Tonic and Gin Fizz. Just play with its intense aromas and discover all the originality of its fragrances and its surprising long lasting taste!


Transparent, slightly cloudy

Tasting notes

Juniper berries and citrus fruit nose with hint of camphor smell.
Juniper berries and lemon taste with a slight bitter taste reminiscent of Gin. Strong juniper berries aftertaste.


The intense fragrance of the spices mixed with the bitter taste of the juniper berries will mix perfectly with orange, lemon, pink grapefruit juices or all sodas and tonic waters to create some lovely thirst-quenching drinks. You will also be able to switch the entire classical Gin cocktails to their non-alcoholic versions. Finally, I really like to mix MONIN Gin Flavour syrup with hot Darjeeling tea.


After dinner drinks