MONIN Chestnut syrup


MONIN Chestnut syrup delivers the subtle, light flavour of this traditional winter nut. Harvested from October to March, the chestnut is roasted to provide a warming, sweet snack with a festive association, as featured in the classic Christmas song 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire'' sung by Nat King Cole.

Chestnuts are used in both savoury and sweet recipes to make bread, as a festive stuffing for vegetables and meat, and candied to make the popular French confectionery 'marron glacé'.

Indulge your festive fancies and create soothing winter warmers by adding MONIN Chestnut to coffees, milk drinks and dessert cocktails. Recreate a roasted chestnut flavour by adding Caramel syrup.


Gold slightly cloudy

Tasting notes

Nose of typical Christmas French candy 'Marron Glacé' with creamy vanilla and caramelized sugar notes. Subtle and long lasting taste of chestnut cream with vanilla notes.


MONIN Chestnut has a mild and light taste; it easily enhances the taste of your best coffee, latte or cappuccino. But to give more fancy taste with Chestnut you can add MONIN Caramel sauce to create a new roasted chestnut flavour for your coffee, latte and cappuccino drinks.


Dessert drinks
Belgian white beers