MONIN Cherry Plum syrup


The cherry plum or mirabelle plum is a speciality of the Lorraine region of France and is recognised as a high quality regional product holding an EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). From the Latin 'mirabilis' meaning 'beautiful to see', this small golden yellow plum is thought to have been brought back from the Holy Wars by the Duke of Anjou and Lorraine.

Sweet and full of flavour, it is harvested from July to mid-September and used to make jam, pies and tarts. It is also fermented to make wine and distilled to make plum brandy or 'eau de vie'.

MONIN Cherry Plum syrup bottles the taste of this sweet, flavoursome plum - perfect for adding a fruity note to a cold beer or creating mouthwatering cocktails, smoothies and teas.


Clear Gold

Tasting notes

Nose of ripe plum. Round and sweet juicy plum taste with slight acidic notes

Beverage Innovation Directors tips

One of my favourite uses of MONIN Cherry Plum syrup is to mix it with a chilled lager or white beer.