MONIN Caramel Apple Sauce

What makes a Tatin recipe successful is time… This is what MONIN has reproduced during the preparation of this sauce, which has been stewed for a long time in a real homemade caramel, made with sugar and butter. What makes this flavour successful today? Its authenticity, its simple, tasty ingredients, and above all its unbeatable flavour.

Ideal for drizzling over ice cream, milky puddings or waffles, it works equally well in hot or cold drinks, the overall effect transporting us instantly back to that delicious tart with its distinctive flavours.

Product features

Contains equivalent of 76% of apple puree
Authentic and unbeatable flavour
Smooth and creamy texture
Conservation: ambiant stable
Best before: 18 months, 6 weeks after opening
Multi-uses: hot and cold beverages, cocktails, desserts

Natural flavourings - GMO free - Allergens free 

Tips from our Beverage Innovation Directors

"MONIN Caramel Apple sauce captures the unique taste of this well-known french pastry created by the Tatin sisters. The flavours of buttery baked apples and caramel will be a delight in hot and cold applications. Fall season will call for an indulgent Tatin hot chocolate overloaded with whipped cream and topped with a little more of this gourmet sauce, and while thinking of the beautiful spring to come back you’ll be craving for a Tatin milkshake ! It’s finger-licking good!"


500 ml