Originating from Brazil, the Acerola is a small red fruit closely related to the cherry, with a golden, juicy flesh. Its acidulated, refreshing notes give it a fresh, gourmet quality while its many health properties have made it a flagship ingredient in recent years. With its intensity and freshness, MONIN Acerola Syrup brings a touch of exoticism to a multitude of applications and transports you instantly to the heart of South America.

Products features 

Pure sugar: aroma enhancer and better shelf stability
Natural flavourings, natural colourings
Vegan & gluten free
Conservation: 36 months

Tips from our Beverage Innovation Directors

“Acerola syrup is a tribute from MONIN to the flavours of Latin America. It is slightly sour and has an aroma similar to grapes and apples. A versatile flavour, Acerola can be used to create refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Why not try a simple craft soda or uncover an even more Brazilian version of Caipirinhas and Caipiroskas.”


70 cl