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The rise of Low Alcoholic Cocktails

As the warmer weather beckons, we thirst for low-alcoholic beverages and traditionally reach for a session beer. Martin Schlamberger, our Beverage Innovation Manager in Central Europe explains: “Ten years ago, bartenders were smiling at or even making fun of non-alcoholic “cocktails” in bars.

In the meantime, they have developed the concept quickly and very well… Actually, “mocktails” have become the most extensive cocktail group, people appreciate them more and more because they are taking care of them.”

It’s true that the terms low-alcohol and cocktail haven’t always been happy bedfellows but today low-alcohol, also known as low-ABV, cocktails are getting the thumbs-up from bar-goers. 

Lighter options work on a number of occasions: spritzer for pre-dinner drinks; PIMMS (classic english beverage made with liquor, sparkling water and fruits) on a hot and humid day…!


Alcohol is a very good flavour carrier, like sugar, so why not just decrease the percentage of alcohol and maintain the great taste? “Replacing” spirits with lighter alcoholic beverages such as liqueur, Vermouth, Port, Sherry, and sparkling wines is a very good option. Also during extremely hot and sunny weather it’s better not to drink beverages that are high in alcohol.


Martin adds: “From syrups to liqueurs to Le Fruit de MONIN, MONIN’s large range of flavours enables many creations. An added benefit is that the sugar in MONIN products will carry the taste. So, MONIN has everything you need to create delicious “light cocktails”.