3 key tips for making my lemonades & iced tea drinks dispenser!

lemonade dispenser ice tea cocktail moninlemonade dispenser ice tea cocktail monin

As soon as the days start getting warmer, ice-cold drinks make a huge comeback! Lemonade, iced tea… If there’s a group of you, make things easier by using a drinks dispenser to serve up these delicious beverages in your own lemonade or iced tea bar! To do this, we’ll show you how to set up your drinks dispenser: flavouring, ingredients, choice of dispenser and decoration… We’ll be there every step of the way!


1. Choose the right equipment

  • The dispenser: you can find lots of different capacities, from 3 to 5 litres, even up to 8.5 litres and above. Choose the size according to how many drinks you need. For example, for an 8.5 litre jar keep in mind that you’ll get 4 to 4.5 litres of beverage (the rest being made up of ice).
  • A mount: it can be made of metal or wood, but it is essential for raising the height of the dispenser to enable placing a glass underneath the valve to pour a drink.
  • A long spoon: to properly mix the drink and arrange the fruit and decoration to look appealing.
  • A clean cloth: to place underneath the dispenser to absorb any condensation and prevent it from dropping into your counter.
  • A small bowl: to place underneath the valve to catch any drops that spill out.

2. Properly measure out the cocktail dispenser

Our advice for preparing your beverage is to half the total capacity of your drinks dispenser and then measure out ingredients accordingly.

Our basic recipes: 





To find more recipes click here. 

3. Pay attention to the decoration

Pick out particularly appealing fruits, herbs, spices, etc. that are related to the recipe’s ingredients and that won’t break up in contact with ice cubes. For example citrus fruits as lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit, prepared in advance and cut into slices will bring colour, freshness and transparency to your beverage.

Another tip: remove the seeds before adding to the dispenser, they could get into the valve and block the flow of liquid!

  • ‘Hard’ fruits and vegetables: green apple, pear, raw beetroot (red or Chioggia), carrot, pineapple, cucumber… Deseed pears and apples, chop up the carrots and cucumbers diagonally to add a little graphic flair, use fine slices for maximum effect!
  • Fresh herbs: mint, basil, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass… their intense colours will offer a striking contrast and highlight how fresh and natural your beverage is.
  • Dried spices: cinnamon sticks or a few star anises will bring a touch of originality to your drink.

Best avoided: soft fruits such as banana, peach and red berries that could get squashed by the weight of the ice cubes and block the flow of liquid. The same goes for fruits with seeds like passionfruit or pomegranate. 

 Bonus tips from our drinks experts:

  • Add more ice cubes as you serve drinks. This will enable you to keep the beverage cool without diluting it too much. You’ll find further advice about how important ice here. 
  • A fizzy drink in a drinks dispenser will lose its fizziness after around an hour and a half
  • If your drinks dispenser has an air-tight lid, open it or leave a gap between the lid and the jar to allow the liquid to flow smoothly
  • For an extra fresh feel, you can arrange a bunch of fresh, aromatic herbs at the top of the jar while still letting the beverage pour out
  • Place a small slate with the recipe’s name written on it at the foot of the drinks dispenser to tempt your guests