Le Fruit de MONIN Strawberry

Fruit mix preparation 


Strawberry is the first fruit of spring. Everyone looks forward to the end of winter and to this sweet and delicious berry taste. Enjoyed all over the world, delicious strawberries are eaten fresh or used in making juice, desserts, jam, wine and syrup. Picked at maturity in the Mediterranean region, MONIN Strawberry fruit will bring to your drinks the perfect taste and texture any time of the year.


Deep ruby red with some copper red glints.

Tasting notes

Nose:Intense nose of Mediterranean ripe strawberries.

Attack:Refreshing and juicy strawberry taste

Length in Mouth:Acidulated notes

Beverage Innovation Director Tips

Definitely one of my favourite flavours in drinks, Le Fruit de MONIN Strawberry will allow you to prepare some fresh drinks. Margarita or Daiquiri are my favourite applications for this flavour, I also like to combine it with Le Fruit de MONIN Banana for an unrivalled tasty smoothie.


Iced teas