Le Fruit de MONIN Pineapple

Fruit mix preparation 


A tropical indigenous to Southern Brazil, the pineapple's tough, spiky armour encases a succulent, golden fruit bursting with juiciness and the taste of the tropics. Spreading throughout South America and all over the world from the 17th century, today it has become a firm favourite. Sweet and tangy with a hint of acidity, Le Fruit de MONIN Pineapple perfectly captures this fruit's tender flesh. Add a splash of sunshine and exoticism to a pina-colada or create refreshing iced teas and concoctions with this vibrant and versatile flavour.


Bright textured yellow

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh and sweet pineapple

Attack:Sweet pineapple with honey notes

Length in mouth: Light and refreshing pineapple

Tips from our Beverage Innovation Director

Pineapple fruit is one of the most used flavour in drink applications, even culinaries. Sweet and tangy flavour with pulpy texture, it allows you to be creative in exploring new recipes to complement a variety of applications such as cocktails, iced teas, smoothies and even lemonades. My personal favourite is to use this concentrated pineapple flavour in a fruity martini recipe.

Flavours associations

Honey, citrus, ginger, spice


Iced teas