Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee

Fruit mix preparation 


An ancient Chinese fruit, Lychee is the fruit of a tropical and sub-tropical tree native to China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The rough pink red rind is peeled to reveal a creamy white pulp, similar in texture to grapes, with a floral perfume and a fragrant, sweet flavour

Records of lychee consumption in China go back to 2000 BC and it was certainly a delicacy of the Chinese Imperial Court, where fresh lychee was couriered in on fast horses. Today they are widely available fresh and tinned, and are cultivated in many tropical climates around the world.

Fresh lychees are available from November to January and add an Asian flavour to fish dishes and an Oriental twist to desserts such as coconut rice pudding with lychees.

Add the delicate perfumed taste of the Orient to your cocktails, lemonades, teas and smoothies with MONIN Lychee syrup.


Bright light gold.

Tasting notes

Nose: Floral and fruity smell

Attack: Genuine slightly tart lychee taste

Length in Mouth: Subtle citrus note

Beverage Innovation Director Tips

Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee works extremely well in all fruity cocktails and mocktails as well as in lemonades and iced teas. It expresses its best qualities when combined with herbs, spices and bitters. An all-time modern-classic cocktail that reaches its peak with Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee is the Lychee Martini but I enjoy my Old Fashioned and Negroni twisted with a touch of this amazing flavour too!


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