Le Fruit de MONIN Carrot

Vegetable mix preparation 

With its bold orange bottle and a typical scent of fresh carott, Le Fruit de MONIN Carrot conveys the intense and fleshy flavours of this vegetable, which has so many virtues. Its delicate and sweet notes and its vegetal lenght in mouth help you give a little twist to your classic cocktails and take you back, in an instant, to your vegetable garden.


  • 50% of carrot puree
  • Conservation: ambiant stable
  • Best before: 24 months and 1 month after opening
  • Multi-purposes (cocktails, smoothies, juice, topping, …)
  • Easy-to-use design & hygienic closure
  • 15 ml pumps available

Tips from our Beverage Innovation Director

Get into the delightful world of “Veggies” with Le Fruit de MONIN Carrot. Ready to use, you can easily twist you beverage with a sunny touch from the garden next door. Surprise your hosts with an iconic Frozen Carrot Margarita or a gourmet Carrot Cake Frappé. Le Fruit de MONIN Carrot will also twist your salad dressing for sweet and salty touch. Don’t hesitate to add Le Fruit de MONIN Carrot to your morning’s fresh orange juice to start the day in the perfect way.