« Latte in a cone » : EAT YOUR DRINK!

frosé frozen rosé monon cocktailsfrosé frozen rosé monon cocktails

Is this the most instagrammed coffee ever? Coffee in a cone is a concept developed by the South African Dayne Levinrad to bring some excitement to the coffee industry worldwide. It is exactly what the name says: drink your coffee - choose from a cappuccino, latte or espresso - in a chocolate-coated ice cream cone. Customers have around 10 minutes to drink from the cone before all the chocolate melts!

Discover our recipe : Latte Popcorn "in a cone"

Our tips to make this drink :

  • Make sure the inside of the cone is filled with chocolate glaze to be waterproof and avoid your latte leaking out of the cone
  • Decorate your latte with l’Artiste de MONIN, and create nice patterns.

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