Joseph Trotta – The art of decorating your cocktails!

expert boissons joseph trotta cocktail décorationexpert boissons joseph trotta cocktail décoration

A pioneer in the field of decorating cocktails, Joseph Trotta has influenced many bartenders.
After a career as a bartender, Joseph created "AJT Cocktails" (Agency Joseph Trotta Cocktails). It specializes in creating and developing drink concepts.
Right from the beginning, Joseph wanted to give a new identity to cocktails that was not the stereotypical image. For Joseph, decorating a cocktail is not just a question of adding a garnish. It's all about the esthetics which can mean everything to the blend.
He’s inspired by graphic design, architecture and playing around with colours as well as working with shapes and textures of various fruit and vegetables!

Joseph Trotta has won over twenty national and international awards including the title of "French Cocktail Champion" as well as the "International Healthy Cocktail Trophy".

Find out more about his work with MONIN on a project specifically using carrots and beetroot, as part of two new product releases: Le Fruit de MONIN Beetroot and Carrot.

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