How to make fabulous milk foam ?

mousse de lait geste technique barista mousse de lait geste technique barista

The consumption of hot drinks, whether flavoured or classic, outside of the home is growing rapidly. The offer is increasingly varied with some drinks being simple to make, while others demand more technical know-how. Here’s how to ensure your milk has the perfect foamy consistency for your hot drinks.

The temperature of the milk is key

Use only cold milk taken straight from the fridge. Pour 15cl of milk (ideal for a cappuccino) into the jug that you are using to heat it.

Before making the foam

Open the tap of the steamer wand so that you can get rid of any residual water.

Positioning the steamer wand

Position the tip of the steamer wand in the spout of the jug. Incline the jug at 45 degrees so that the tip is about 1cm from the side of the jug.

To make the foam

Make sure that the tip of the steamer wand is maintained just below the surface of the milk.

Open the steam and check that the milk forms a vortex. Once the vortex is formed, gently raise the tip of the wand at the same time as the milk foam is produced. When the milk foam reaches the top of the jug, plunge the tip of the steamer wand to heat the base of the jug.

The right temperature

Turn off the steamer when the milk has reached a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then remove the jug.

Clean the steamer wand nozzle well with a clean cloth, which is only used for this purpose.

Once the milk is heated

Tap the jug on the counter twice so that it makes all the bubbles come up to the surface. Swirl in circles to mix the foam with the milk until the foam becomes glossy. If you are not using your frothy milk immediately, remember to do this again to mix the milk with the foam.

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