How can I make great Freakshakes?

mojitos sirop de moninmojitos sirop de monin

The Freakshake is a new trend, a mix of milkshake and dessert. It's not simple to create because of its impressive superposition of ingredients. Below we give you some key on creating the best freakshakes!

First, it's about choosing the right type of glass container, you can use a milkshake glass, a jam jar or any container with a wide opening that can hold ice cream, whipped cream and other decorations.

The recipe proposed by our drinks expert, Stéphane Moeslé, is a safe bet: Chocolate Hazelnut Donut Freakshake.

It consists of a frappé, flavoured whipped cream and decorative elements. Here are the ingredients and the steps for making it successfully:

Ingredients for the frappé:

Ingredients for making flavoured whipped cream:

For the decoration:


  • Prepare the glass: using a spoon, coat the top of the glass with Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce and dip in crushed hazelnuts.
  • Prepare the flavoured whipped cream: mix the liquid cream and the syrup directly in your siphon and create your cream as usual. Cool once done.
  • Prepare the frappé: in a blender, mix all the frappé ingredients. Cover with ice cubes and blend until smooth and foaming (approx. 35 sec.)
  • Swirl some Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce around the inside of the glass to add to the visual appeal of your drink
  • Pour the frappé into the glass
  • Fill to the top with whipped cream
  • Place the doughnut carefully on the whipped cream
  • Put a big straw in the frappé before finishing the decoration of the freakshake; you won't have any space afterwards!
  • Cover again with flavoured whipped cream
  • Add other decorations such as cookies, chocolate bars, brownies ...let your imagination run riot!

Freakshake is the drink/dessert you can make just the way you want it! But, to succeed you must find the right balance!

Play with flavours using our wide range of MONIN products: syrups, sauces, frappés ... There are different flavours for the different seasons... Popcorn, Brownie, Chocolate Cookie for Winter ... Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread for Autumn ... Strawberry, Pina-Colada for Spring ... Coconut, Raspberry to celebrate Summer!

You can use our Frappé range to create different combinations: Vanilla flavour, Yogurt, Chocolate or Coffee mixed with the Syrup of your choice! Yu can also use our sauces for added decoration.

And of course, all toppings are welcome for the final touch to your creation: cereals, sweets, lollipops, hazelnuts, coconut powder ... The bigger your Freakshake, the more impressive it will be!