Melting for a Frosé!

frosé frozen rosé monon cocktailsfrosé frozen rosé monon cocktails

The frosé, in other words a frozen rosé, is a trend from the United States. Created in New York in 2016 by Justin Sievers, manager of the Bar Primi, the drink has been developed in order to refresh customers during hot summer heat while accompanying delicious pizzas!

As a worldwide trend today, it gradually takes over the terraces. The enthusiasm for this drink highlights, in particular, the great success of flavoured rosés in recent years and gives a new youth to traditional French aperitifs.

Fresh and thrist-quenching, the frosé does not lack seduction assets. Indeed, you can play on flavours. Make a classic version by adding a touch of Pink Grapefruit Syrup or, as a twister, using more fruity syrups such as Strawberry, Apricot, or White Peach.

It is also possible to decline this cocktail with white or red wines. For a white wine frozen, use syrups such as Pear, Tangerine or Passion. For red wine one will opt for the flavours of Sangria, Blackcurrant or Blackberries.

Our signature recipe: Pink grapefruit Frosé

Pour all the ingredients into a blender. Cover with ice cubes and mix until smooth. (30sec.). Pour the mixture into a large wine glass and serve. You can decorate with half slice of pink grapefruit.