Freakshakes : the « super » milkshake from Australia

mojitos sirop de moninmojitos sirop de monin

The Freakshake is a cross between a milkshake and a dessert, which has come straight from Australia. Discover its story, told by Tomas Vickario, our drinks expert based in Australia.

Two years ago, a little cafe in Canberra, called Patissez, launched its monumental « Freakshakes »: the combination of a milkshake and a dessert with extravagant decorations. Underpinned by some brilliant social media initiatives, Patissez rapidly became one of the coolest places in the town.

In fact, the Freakshake was a great success on social media as a result of its impressive decoration. The owner of Patissez states : « I love making completely extravagant Supershakes just so that people can take photos of them.”

The concept since caught on nationally and the « Supershake » movement was born ! From Australia to Singapore, Malaysia to the Middle-East, nothing seems to stand in the way of this trend !

Check out Tomas’s signature Freakshake made with many different MONIN products: the “Choc Peanut & Popcorn Super Shake”!


  • 30 ml of MONIN Popcorn syrup

  • 1 dessert spoon of crunch peanut butter

  • 3 scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream

  • 150ml of milk

Topping and glass decoration

Mix all the recipe ingredients in a blender and serve in a jam jar glass already decorated with Caramel sauce or peanut butter. Then garnish the drink with Chantilly cream and finish with the toppings for the final decoration.

Don’t forget the key to the success of your Freakshake is the decoration, don’t hold back on adding large pieces of chocolate, cakes, sweets…..etc. Let your imagine run wild !

For more details of how to make a Freakshake click here.