Cold brew: the new face of coffee!

cold brew café froid cocktailscold brew café froid cocktails

Cold brew is a way of extracting coffee, already very fashionable in the USA, that consists of infusing coffee in cold water. The concept has evolved across the four corners of the world and has been slow to arrive in France. Soon it is set to be the new “hot” drink of the moment !

This new process requires many hours of infusion (around 20 hours) in order to extract the best coffee flavours. Be patient, it’s worth the wait !

Naturally sweet due to its low acidity, cold brew coffee is the result of a process that involves steeping the coarsely ground coffee grains in cold water and then filtering it.

Our coffee expert Attila Molnar is delighted by the development of these new coffee applications which encourage baristas to be creative and offer new challenges.

Following on from the cold brew application, the next big thing is drinks based on sparkling coffee such as Cold Brew Soda. Concentrated coffee, obtained in this way, is delicious when diluted with sparkling water creating an artisanal and original cocktail that can be customised to your taste.

Our recipe : Cherry Lavender Cold Brew Soda

Mix all of the ingredients with the exception of the sparkling water in a tumbler filled with ice. Finish with sparkling water. Mix and serve. Decorate with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.


How do you promote the offer?

Serve the drink in glass bottles or jam jars with vintage style labels to make it ultra premium and appealing.