MONIN Tangerine syrup


Delivering the sweet juicy taste of this popular winter fruit, MONIN Tangerine syrup will bring a festive flavour to your drinks.

The tangerine, also known as a mandarin, is an orange or red coloured citrus fruit, similar to a clementine but with a slightly sourer taste. They are traditionally given and eaten at Christmas, as they harvested from November to January. During Chinese New Year, they are considered symbols of abundance and good fortune.

Give cocktails, fruit punches and teas a festive twist and tantalise the taste buds with the juicy, subtle sweetness of MONIN Tangerine syrup.



Bright orange colour, slightly cloudy.


Tasting notes

Strong nose of tangerine peel, very juicy and acidulous taste of first harvest tangerines.


Beverage Innovation Directors tips

I love to combine MONIN Tangerine syrup with a lemon iced tea, in order to enhance all citrus flavours.



Fruit punches