Which drinks for brunch?

Moscow Mule is back !Moscow Mule is back !



Born and made popular in the US, brunch is breakfast and lunch all rolled into one!

No longer confined to weekends, the brunch trend is more and more appreciated both for what is on our plate and in our glass.

Just as brunch mixes sweet pastries and savoury dishes, it gives you the opportunity to offer a vast array of drinks: hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, juice and sparkling versions.



Feel like a change from the classic coffee and orange juice?
Offer juices with a twist* and smoothies!

Fruity drinks already have pride of place on menus! Transform the traditional orange juice or smoothie by adding a touch of originality with the Le Fruit de MONIN or MONIN syrup ranges.  If you want to be on-trend and offer something different, opt for vegetable flavours such as Le Fruit de MONIN Carrot or Beetroot.

Finally, play on colour and decoration to ensure it’s a guaranteed success!



Did you know that cocktails have now become brunch classics?

The Mimosa, made with orange juice to which you add champagne; The Bellini, made of champagne and peach puree or even the Bloody Mary, the famous cocktail with a vodka and tomato juice base no longer need introductions.

To really stand-out, dare to be creative and add some variety by reinventing these drinks thanks to Le Fruit de MONIN and MONIN syrup ranges.  

Discover a selection of recipes to accompany your brunch menu: