Beverages trends seen in Asia

Beverages trends seen in AsiaBeverages trends seen in Asia

Bartenders worldwide are increasingly taking mixology inspiration from quirky Asian beverage trends. The latest development is a change in how luxury is perceived. Forget alien novelties and think 'familiar with a touch of decadence': single origin cappuccino, caramel hot chocolate or iced tea with real fruit. In short, it's indulgence, and these latest trends reflect that.

1. Wake Up, Shake Up: the espresso martini

Every cocktails bar in Australia right now is serving this and no wonder. It's the classiest evening pick-me-up.

Shake coffee with MONIN coffee syrup, vodka and ice. Strain into a martini glass. The trick here is using a great espresso base - or try making it with cold brew.

2. Get Frui-Tea

Bartenders and baristas across Hong Kong and Indonesia are adding fresh fruits to tea-based drinks right now. Be creative by including unusual fruit, or cleverly pairing fruit and tea such as Lady Grey with lime. Or do the opposite and add MONIN tea syrups such as matcha or chai to a fruity drink.

3. Popcorn Fever

The latest milky drink twist is popcorn flavouring. Add a special twist to coffee, hot chocolate and milkshakes with a drizzle of popcorn syrup. Check out our popcorn caramel milkshake recipe - or add MONIN Popcorn Syrup to your espresso martinis to check off two new trends at once!