Zero Calorie Natural Flavourings

Completely, totally,
entirely natural.

Completely, totally,
entirely natural.

Introducing a new range of Natural AND Zero Calorie beverage flavourings from Monin. With No sugar, No calories and No artificial ingredients, each sweetener is perfect for adding natural and delicious flavor to your favourite beverages.

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Zero Sugar
Zero Artificial Sweeteners
Zero Calories
Zero Artificial Flavours
Zero Artificial Colours
Zero Artificial Preservatives
Gluten Free
Diabetic Friendly

Monin Zero Calorie Natural Flavouring is the first product of its kind. Now add full flavor and sweetness to your favourite beverages without any sugar, calories or artificial ingredients. Made with an exclusive blend of natural sweeteners, each flavouring is carefully crafted to deliver bold aroma, balanced sweetness and truly authentic taste.

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Easy-to-use, just substitute Zero Calorie Natural Flavouring in place of Monin Syrup or Monin Sugar Free Syrup in any recipe – and enjoy natural flavour with zero sugar, calories or artificial ingredients.


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