Where Does Honey Come From?

  • Honey originates from flower nectar that is collected by bees

Why Honey?

  • Honey is a great natural alternative to sugar
  • Honey’s popularity can be attributed to its ‘triple threat’ of flavour, functionality, and versatility

Flavour Fun Facts

  • Monin recycles any syrup overages to bee farms in both Tampa, FL and Sparks, NV. This initiative has helped feed more than 374 billion bees since 2008.
  • A typical beehive can produce up to 100 lbs. of honey in a year
  • The flavour and colour of honey depends on the nectar that the bee collected

D'où vient le miel?

  • Le miel provient du nectar de fleurs récolté par les abeills

Pourquoi le miel?

  • Le miel est une excellente alternative naturelle au sucre
  • La popularité du miel peut être attribuée à sa «triple menace» de saveur, de fonctionnalité et de polyvalence

Faits Amusants

  • Monin recycle tout excédent de sirop dans les fermes apicoles de Tampa, FL et de Sparks, NV. Cette initiative a permis de nourrir plus de 374 milliards d'abeilles depuis 2008.
  • Une ruche typique peut produire jusqu'à 100 livres de miel en un an
  • La saveur et la couleur du miel dépendent du nectar récolté par l'abeille
Flavour Inspiration
Inspiration de saveur
Monthly archives
  • Vanilla

    January’s flavour of the month is vanilla. What better way to kick off the new year than with versatile vanilla? In its purest form, vanilla is grown in a pod on an orchid found in a warm tropical environment. Vanilla is one of the most popular flavours at Monin due to its incredibly versatile nature. Explore a variety of vanilla flavours that are perfectly paired with any latte, mocha, smoothie, or shake.

  • Peppermint

    December’s Flavour of The Month is Peppermint, the refreshing flavour of the holiday season. Peppermint is a hybrid mint, a cross between watermint and spearmint. The plant was originally found in Europe and The Middle East but now is found very widely spread across the world. National Peppermint Latte Day conveniently falls in the month of December on December 3rd. Experience the rush of refreshment that comes with this minty favourite. Mix Monin Peppermint Syrup into an icy cocktail or a mug of hot chocolaty goodness and bring the cool tingle of candy cane to every sip.

  • Cranberry november

    November’s Flavour of The Month is Cranberry: fresh picked berry aroma with a tart, sweet and juicy flavour. This antioxidant-packed fruit is 90% water but still full of minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin C. While this superfood embraces a bright ruby colour in its natural form, Monin Cranberry Syrup also gives teas, lemonades, and culinary creations a deep red hint of colour. Monin Cranberry Syrup is a clean label flavour, meaning it contains no artificial flavours, preservatives, colours or sweeteners. Try Monin Cranberry Syrup to give any cocktail, mocktail or culinary creation a festive flavour all year round.