Make Your Favourite Drinks at Home


Use Monin to add delicious, authentic flavour to any beverage or culinary creation from the comfort of your own home.

In just a few simple steps, learn how to make drinks just like the ones at your favourite café or restaurant, including lattes, iced coffees, cocktails, kid-friendly creations and more.

Kid-Friendly Creations

Making drinks that your kids can enjoy at home has never been simpler. Mix up homemade happiness with a variety of recipes that are easy, fun, and flavourful. Plus, we have hundreds of kid-friendly, clean label flavourings that are free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners – so that you can make choices they will love, and you can feel great about.

How-To Videos

These quick tutorials show just how easy it is to recreate your kid’s favourite drinks at home. Visit our complete video library here for even more inspiration.

Stir-crazy recipes

Create kid-friendly recipes with ease by adding a splash of colour and a pop of flavour. Made just for them, they’re sure to love this Shirley Temple, Frooty Tooty Shake, or PB&J Smoothie.

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Caffeinated Cravings

When you can’t make it to the local coffee shop, why not be your own barista? With our wide collection of café-inspired recipes, bringing your favourite specialty coffee beverages to life at home is simple. Create delicious lattes, indulgent mochas, and perfect iced coffees in your own kitchen with just a few ingredients and our coffee flavourings.

How-To Videos

Learn how to make your café favourites at home with these quick tutorial videos. For even more tips and recipes, visit our complete video library  here .


Satisfy your caffeine cravings with one of these delicious and unique coffee creations. Try a Dulce de Leche Coffee, Espresso Martini, or Cold Brew Lemonade!

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Sangria Made Simple

Have a bottle of red or white wine in your cabinet at home? Create a delicious sangria in seconds with only a few additional ingredients. Sangria is a perennial favourite because it’s simple, refreshing, and shareable. Traditionally made by combining fresh fruit, brandy and a medium-bodied wine in a pitcher, creating the perfect wine punch is all about getting creative with whatever ingredients you have on hand.

How-To Videos

Mixing up sangria at home has never been easier. Simply follow the steps in these how-to recipe videos. Learn more about our premium Monin Sangria Mixes here.


Use up the extra wine in your pantry and enjoy every second of it with one of these simple, stay-at-home sangria recipes. Try a Simple Red Sangria, Summer Passion Sangria, or Frozen Berry Sangria!

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