MONIN White Chocolate sauce 500ml


White Chocolate Mochas have never tasted so good, when made with this sweet and creamy gourmet sauce. The rich, buttery flavour of MONIN White Chocolate sauce is the perfect complement to premium espresso coffee drinks as well as other fruit and nut flavoured beverages or desserts.

Cocoa Creations

MONIN White Chocolate sauce is the essential ingredient in any gourmet White Chocolate Mocha, and it also adds delicious flavour to lattes, dessert cocktails and desserts


Creamy white.

Tasting Notes

Authentic, intense and velvety cacao taste. Incredibly creamy, smooth, rich and perfectly balanced texture.

Beverage Innovation Director's Tip

A creamy white chocolate taste which enhances your steamer! Try to combine it with MONIN Matcha Green Tea syrup and milk, and you'll be amazed by its unusual smooth taste. Add a hint of MONIN White Chocolate sauce in your frozen preparation to keep the consistent texture longer.

Available Formats

1.89 L and a 500 ml squeeze bottle ideal for toppings.