MONIN Lychee liqueur


Lychees, also known as litchis, are native of Asia and have been a prized fruit in China for more than two thousand years. Once the lychee is peeled, a pearly white, sweet and firm flesh is discovered. Lychees are excellent eaten fresh or sun-dried as 'lychee nuts'. MONIN Lychee liqueur respects the complex and distinct fragrance of this floral fruit. Spice up your cocktails with the delicate colour, scent and flavour of MONIN Lychee Liqueur.


Clear light pink.

Tasting notes

Very floral and fresh lychee nose. Subtil fruity and floral balanced taste of lychee with a hint of acidity. Long-lasting sweet fruity aftertaste.

Tips from our Beverage Innovation Directors

With its velvety taste, MONIN Lychee liqueur brings to any of your favourite signature drinks an incomparable long-lasting flavour. My favourite use is to mix it with a drop of saké and a hint of lime in a classic stirred martini cocktail. My recommendation is: "make it yours!"


Short cocktails
Long cocktails