Monin cup 2022: Sharing memorable moments

This year's theme is 'Sharing Memorable Moments’

The idea? We want you to use your creativity, skill, passion and inventiveness to develop a memorable cocktail moment. A cocktail that is delivered with flair, theatre and emotion that brings the audience and judges together for a shared experience that won’t be forgotten.  By using all five senses, we challenge you to create a cocktail experience that can be shared, enjoyed and even felt by everyone together. A cocktail creation that not only says something about you and your world, but also a reflection of what you would like others to take from that.

So, to remind you of what we hope you can showcase under the theme of “sharing memorable moments";

  • Memorability – a drink that you feel has something unique about it that will live on in the audience and judges thoughts, well beyond the end of the competition.
  • Immersive – a cocktail creation that makes the audience and judges feel immersed in your drink, that stimulates their senses and creates a unique moment that everyone can jointly enjoy.
  • Unique – this is about you sharing what you are passionate about and bringing others into your world so that they can share in this passion too.