Latte art: simple gestures for an amazing visual effect!

Knowing how to work coffee is an art! In addition to working on the taste of their drink, baristas bet on the visual aspect with the rise of Latte Art. From the simplest to the most elaborate, these drawings have all the assets to seduce.

Here are some simple gestures to get started.

1) Stencil decoration

To begin gently, you can simply use a stencil and sprinkle your Latte with cinnamon or chocolate. Very simple to set up, it gives a specific touch to your drink.


2) The technique of the “coffee drop”

For a more elaborated decoration, you can make a latte art by arranging drops of coffee in round on the milk foam of your latte. Once your coffee rings are set, use a pen to connect them together. Simple and effective, you will get a nice design!


3) The Latte Art "pen"

Finally to go further, you can use our Latte Art Pen. For this, equip yourself also with a squeeze bottle filled with caramel dessert sauce. You can then form a circle and create a floral composition using the latte art pencil very quickly. Discover our new product L’Artiste de MONIN to decorate easily your hot drinks, click here.