How to Reuse Coffee Grounds

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We love coffee, but it is no secret that these beans have left a harsh environmental footprint. While sustainable practices in its production are on the rise, coffee-lovers now are encouraged to participate. Before getting rid of your excess coffee grounds, try out these simple but effective uses for them.

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Used coffee grounds can be utilised for an assortment of cleaning purposes, amongst them as chimney-cleaners, non-abrasive cleaning agents for dirty worktops or dishes, or even fridge deodorisers. You can also make your own coffee-scented candle through melting wax with coffee grounds and pouring them into a recyclable container with a wick to be used at your cafes.

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Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. Coffee grounds contain antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, making them a great substitute for hair products or soap for a natural, nourishing boost to your skin or hair. You can reuse your coffee grounds to make a moisturising face mask through mixing it with an equal amount of organic cocoa powder, three tablespoons of milk or thick cream, and a tablespoon of honey. Leave it on for 15 minutes then scrub it off for smooth, glowing skin.

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For the green-thumbed, used coffee grounds are great components. Some flowers such as hydrangeas thrive on coffee grounds as a fertiliser, while just a sprinkling of these around plants repel pests due to its aroma. Because of its nutritional value, used coffee grounds also aid activation in compost piles, and even aid in the rapid growth of carrot plots.

Although they’re usually thrown out, used coffee grounds can come in handy. These are just a few of the easy and efficient uses to practice for a healthier, more sustainable world. Next time you empty out the coffee machine, don’t forget to try out a few of these tips.