Christine Lam, when cocktail is all about escapism into childhood!

Christine Lam, when cocktail is all about escapism into childhood!

Christine Lam, raised in Hong Kong, begins a career in an office environment but eventually crumbles due to too much pressure. Having identified a passion for combining flavours, she joined the Hong Kong Bartending School to equip herself with the basic knowledge on how to make cocktails.

Upon completion of the course, she met her very first mentor and an amazing team at Bibo French restaurant.  From then onwards, she started innovating by staging acrobatic displays for drinks and completely fell in love with the bartending industry.

Currently, she’s bartending at The Barber Shop in Sydney, Australia with a classic European concept. It’s a notable speakeasy gin bar with over 500 different collections of gins from around the world. The name comes from the fact that it’s hiding at the back of an actual barber shop.

What’s her personal touch of flavours?

Christine enjoys discovering flair of fresh botanicals that gives her inspirations for her cocktails. She loves to exhibit in her craft Asian flavours, as well as to explore with the cocktails. She was also inspired by Antonio Lai and Samuel Kwok in her food trend that she foresees. As her mentors, they motivated her to never give up and always use the five senses in her cocktail creations.

Recently, she created a unique delight with shisho infused gin, which is often used in Japanese cuisine and is a perfect match with fruity and refreshing cocktails. Needless to say, Christine knows what she’s doing when introducing an Asian touch to Australians pallets!

Despite the widespread repetition of trends in the cocktail industry, she is always thriving to challenge the drinking culture by innovating with different flavours. Her main goal is to create cocktails that taste good with unbeatable quality.

How did she succeed?

She rose the fame as Champion of the MONIN Cup Asia Pacific final in 2016, by framing a lovely childhood memory. Her childhood memory was to recall hearing notorious melody echo by witnessing the ice cream man in his truck pulling over her neighbourhood, and the excitement of running towards the truck with spare change. This was truly an inspiration. While incorporating her playfulness and creative techniques, the cocktail that simultaneously silenced and dazzled the judges was her nostalgic winning recipe, “Le Bon Vieux Temps”:

20 ml MONIN Roasted Chestnut syrup

40 ml espresso stout

30 ml vanilla vodka

10 ml Mr Black coffee liqueur

Topped with whipped cream, MONIN Dark Chocolate sauce and roasted chestnut brittle; Served into a chocolate coated ice-cream cone.

The Barber Shop. 89 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
Instagram: thisisthebarbershop
Facebook: The barber shop