MONIN Mango Fruit Smoothie Mix

MONIN Mango Fruit Smoothie Mix

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Originally from Southern Asia, the mango is known as the "apple of the tropics" because it is common to most tropical and sub tropical regions. Now, its luscious flavor is enjoyed around the world.

Made with only natural ingredients, MONIN Mango Fruit Smoothie Mix offers all the lush tropical flavor of ripe mangoes, to consistently make the tastiest ripe mango fruit smoothie no matter the season. MONIN Fruit Smoothie Mixes are the easiest way to add real fruit smoothies to your menu, with additional versatility in other frozen and iced beverages.

Note on the Nutritional Panel: the serving size of 4 fl oz makes a standard USDA serving size of 8 fl oz when prepared.

Tasting notes
Juicy tropical aroma; fruity ripe mango flavor with peach-apricot like notes

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Smoothies, teas, lemonades, sparkling water drinks, frozen cocktails and mocktails

For a luscious, ripe fruit smoothie any time of year, simply pour over full cup of ice and blend
For a frosted fruit lemonade, add 1 part Monin Lemon Syrup to 7 parts Monin Fruit Smoothie Mix over ice and blend
Make real frozen fruit cocktails: just add citrus rum, silver tequila or citrus vodka over ice, add Monin Smoothie Mix and blend
Garnish with fresh fruits

Available format(s)
1.4 L aseptic (46 fl. oz.), 6/case

Dairy free, Gluten free