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Iced Pumpkin Cider

Crisp Apple Shandy

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MONIN Granny Smith Apple Syrup Ambiant

MONIN Granny Smith Syrup

MONIN Granny Smith Apple Syrup

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October Recipes

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Cool Drinks, Hot Profits

Simple sodas? Basic beverages? No way. Today’s diners expect restaurants to offer non-alcoholic drinks that are as exciting as the gourmet...

How Sweet It Is: Sangria

Move over wine and cocktails. Sangria needs some space at the bar.

Tips of the month

Ice Pops with MONIN

For approximatively 6 ice pops : Mix 4 oz. MONIN syrup with 16 oz. water (still or carbonated works). Using a small funnel fill each mold or zip bag up to the fill line and close. Stand mold or...
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